Sussanna Uballe story

Dr Raymond Moody, in his book Glimpses of Eternity says that “It’s quite common that the people around a dying loved one seem to leave their bodies and accompany the loved on partway to a heavenly realm.”

One great example  which Dr Moody has referred in his book comes from Sussanna Uballe, who wrote in an online journal about sharing the death experience of her husband, who was murdered at a store while, Sussanna slept at home. Here in Sussanna’s own words, is her story:

“I did not have a near-death experience, but I did travel partway up the tunnel with my husband as he left this dimension.

On Memorial Day 1979, I was five months pregnant. My husband and I rode bicycles and ran errands around town, and it was a very hot day for Minneapolis. I lay down after dinner and was so exhausted that I could barely move. As my husband went to the corner store at 8:00 PM to buy something for his lunch the next day, I fell into a very deep sleep.

I dreamt that I was walking with my husband, Herb, up a dark and shady forest path. It was a heavily wooded path, which was enclosed by a thick canopy of trees overhead. The path was slightly inclined, and at the crest of a hill I saw the sky, somewhat like the light at the end of a tunnel. Herb and I had been in deep conversation, about what I could not tell, but I suppose we were reminiscing about our relationship. I felt very close and totally in love

·He began to tell me about what it was like to die; at first he was filled with rage, pain and frustration that the clerk didn’t seem to understand his pleas to call an ambulance. He had been stabbed in the heart and needed help. After a short while, which felt interminable while he was experiencing it, he said he left his body and floated above it and saw the body below him, and felt detached from it, like it was just a body. He was filled with peace and love. And he felt no pain.

After telling me this, he then said that he had to go. His feet started to move very fast, and he began to leave me behind on the path. I told him that I could do that too, and put some effort into ‘powering up’ my feet  to make them go super fast.  I actually started to rev up and move along the path quickly, and felt as if I was traveling up a tunnel of forest toward the sunlight at the top of the hill. As I began to keep pace with him, he said, ‘NO!’ in a very powerful voice, and I woke up in my bed, feeling hurt.

I looked for him, to tell him about my dream. He wasn’t there, and his side of the bed showed that he had not slept in the bed that night. It was dawn. I began to get irritated, thinking  that he must have gone off with some friends, and feeling upset  at how irresponsible he was behaving. I went to where we kept our bicycles to see if his was there and it wasn’t. I was so angry  that I broke the bicycle lock and chain off of my bicycle with my bare hands (he had taken both keys with him), and set off down the street toward the corner store. His bicycle was near the store  and a patrolman was standing next to it. I asked him where my’ husband was, and why his bicycle was sitting there. He asked ” my name and address, and refused to tell me anything more. He [‘ suggested that I go back home, and that someone would explain everything to me later. In about fifteen minutes a police officer and a clergyman came by and told me that Herb had been killed, the night before.

“The dream braced me for this news I and although I was in shock, I felt assured constantly that he was not in his body, and a comforting presence was with me throughout the next few days of viewing the body, the funeral and other unpleasant business.

Two days after the funeral, I was preparing for bed and contemplating suicide to join Herb I so that we could be together on the other side or in our next phase of incarnation or whatever. J consciously thought a question, ‘Should I kill myself to join Herb, or stay here?’

I then went to bed. I was just falling asleep when I felt a presence by my right side, and looked to see Herb, naked and glowing with a soft, beautiful white light. He looked beautiful and I felt filled with love and happiness to see him. He spoke mentally to me, and said, ‘This is our son,’ indicating my womb, ‘Take good care of him.’ I had no question then about my purpose, and have tried to do the best possible job taking care of my son ever since. It did not at all seem strange that he used the word ‘son’, although these were the days before ultrasound and I did not know what I was having. I did give birth to a boy.”


Two stories on After Earthly Life Communication

Here are two stories on After Death Communications from the book “Hello From Heaven!” by Bill Guggenheim & Judy Guggenheim

1. Smelling of Fragrance: Olfactory  After Death Communication

A story  from Lorraine, an optometrist  from New York . Her daughter, Tammy, was 25 years when she demised  in an automobile accident:

“When my daughter, Tammy, went to the Bahamas, she  bought me a bracelet and a necklace. The night that she died, she had the bracelet on and it was destroyed. For over two years since the accident, I had been trying to find a new bracelet to match my necklace. I would have paid anything for it!

It was nightime, and we were coming out of one of the attractions at EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World . My other daughter, her friend, and my husband were with me.

My daughter turned to me and said, “Ma, do you smell that?” I’ said. Oh, yeah!” We were smelling the Gloria, Vanderbilt perfume that Tammy always wore!

But as we looked around, there was nobody near us.  Her girlfriend smelled it too and said. “Why don’t we go in here?”

So we all went into the store, and I began browsing in the front. My daughter called, Ma! Ma! Come back  here!” I went to the back of the store, where they were selling jewellery. And there was  the bracelet – the exact match to my necklace Tammy! It was unbelievable!

Can this be a coincidence?  How about the fragrance which lured them to walk into gift shop?  Was Tammy guiding them to the store to show her mother that she will find the priceless bracelet she wanted?

2. Hearing a Voice – Auditory After Death Communication

Mario, age 87, is a retired sugar  merchant in Florida. His beloved wife, Nina, returned to him after she died of emphysema:

“Nina and I were fifty-seven years married. We met in a very romantic  manner, and two hours later we were irretrievably in love, completely and forever.

One night after she died, I  was sound asleep in our bedroom. Suddenly, I felt my Nina standing next to the bed. Then I heard her voice inside my head say, ” I am now in heaven, whether I deserve it or not. My great love for little children all my life made up for  my other sins. I got  permission to return to tell you that I am waiting patiently for you to join me.

“Time is meaningless here, so don’t be in a hurry. Take as long as you want before you leave the world. I will wait patiently until the day comes when you will join me here. Then we will be united in an eternal embrace.  And with that, she faded from my consciousness.

I felt a liaison, a satisfying confirmation that death would not part us, that Nina and I would be united again”.

Life in this earth is a miracle. It also does not make sense when someone close to you parts you ‘permanently’. Why on earth do we have to suffer after being close to one another?  It also does not make sense. So do the sufferings of missing someone ends once we depart this earth?  Of course those who are sceptical would only believe if they witness themselves on after death communication, while living on this earth.  But then if everything moves on well with one’s  life there is nothing one would witness. But the many books written by prominent authors which are consistent on this phenomena are overwhelming and that could subdue the traumas of the grievers.

Visit to Orphanage at Kampong Manjoi Ipoh – 3rd Nov 2012

On the 3rd of November 2012, my wife and I visited the orphanage “Asrama Puteri Anak-Anak Yatim Bakip”  to give a lunch. This orphanage is located at N0.41 Jalan Bunga, Kampong Tengku Hussein Baru, Gugusan Manjoi, 30020, Ipoh, Perak.

The orphanage was established in the year 1985 and was initially located in Greentown. In the year 2010 they moved to this new building which was donated by a businessman Datuk Zainal Abidin bin Abdul Kadir. The compound is spacious which is almost half an acre.

Initially the orphanage had both boys and girls, at the same residence.  Now the boys live at another place (Meru) which is a few kilometres away. There are now around 19 boys.

However, the boys and girls are managed by the same management under ‘Badan Khidmat Islam Perak (BAKIP)’.  As for schooling both the boys and the girls attend the same school which comes under Jabatan Agama Islam (Islamic Religious Department). Voluntary  teachers provide education for these children.

Children who do not have their father but left only  with their  mothers are also given accommodation at this orphanage. These children are from the state of Perak. Every year application forms are sent to various schools to take in children who are orphans or who are of single parent. Presently there are 26 children at this orphanage. Those from standard six until form five are accommodated. After completing their form five they either go for further studies or find a job. The boys and the girls attend the same school which comes under Jabatan Agama Islam (Islamic Religious Department). Voluntary teachers provide the education for these children.

All expenses for  the children are borne by the management. As it is registered under NGO  some fund comes from the government yearly. The rest come from well-wishers and donations.

Presently the administraor is Pn Fatimah (Petamah) binti Hashim. She also cooks for the children right from breakfast to dinner. She works from 5.00am to 9.30pm with breaks in between.

Tn Haji Samsuddin bin Md Hashim, the husband of Pn Fatimah is assisting his wife and spends considerable amount
of his time at this orphanage as a  volunteer ‘warden’. As this being a female orphanage, he only assists his wife. He was a government servant worked in the land office for 36 years. Presently he is 69 years old but looks very fit and is very jovial. Every day he wakes up at 4.00am and sends his wife to this orphanage before 5.00am and stays with her until 8.30am before he goes home and come back again to fetch his wife at 11.30am, when the children finish their religious class and prepare to go to the school. He then sends her back in the afternoon where she works until 9.30pm.
There is another person Puan Hajah  Rashidah bin Arshad who is in-charge for coordinating the programme for the children who carry out part-time volunteer service.
For the children the days start with prayers at 5.00am. Their religious class starts at 7.30am and ends at 11.30am. After lunch they are sent to their own school to continue with their studies on other relevant subjects. Teachers come from Jabatan Agama Islam who are mainly retired teachers. The children come back home around 7.00pm. Four of the girls are studying in SMK Seri Intan, Ipoh.

Breakfast is served at 7.00am; lunch at 12.30pm and dinner around 9.00pm. The children normally retire to bed around 11.00am. During school breaks some of them return to their respective homes.

The orphanage has its own bus to transport the children. Tn Hj Samsuddin said that they are now looking for a sponsorship for a better bus to have the old one replaced.

My wife and I find Tn Hj Samsuddin, his wife Pn Fatimah and Puan Hajah Rashidah as very pleasant people who made our visit very comfortable answering to all our queries with regard to this orphanage.

On this date we served the children with Kentucky Fried Chicken. As young children they do love this type of food says Tuan Haji Samsudin. The children were found to be pleasant and respectful. Although it is sad to see some children being not able to be with the parents when they are growing up, we are also seeing that there are also many good people around to take care of them. Many of them are doing volunteer service and spending long hours. Although they will be under their care only up to form five, we believe that this is the most important part of their personal and career development. Thus the care takers should be recognised for their roles.

When we were leaving both Hj Samsudin and his wife Pn Fatimah came right to the gate to send us off thanking our gesture.

As usual, when we drove back, my wife and I were just thinking about our beloved son Prashanth who in a way has made us to visit these orphans. While we have our daily pain and tears of his absence, doing a little of what he would have done continues to give us some satisfaction. It is our belief that he is watching us from the other side and wants us to continue visiting these orphans until we are with him again.

Note: If you wish to pay a visit to this orphanage you can communicate with the Administator Pn Fatimah – Hp 012-5663754