We are never alone……

One of the good books I read  was Suzane Northrop’s “Everything Happens For A Reason” (2002).  She says that every joy, hurt, love and loss happens for a reason.  In this book Suzane Northrop who has been a trance medium for about 35 years talks about how the choices we make – before birth, during life, and even after death affect not only our own lives but also those people we love.

She says that it is the job of the souls who have gone before to ease the passage of those  who go after them. At the same time it is also their job to maintain their contact with us on the earth to help us through our grief  and to move on with the rest of our journey.  Given below is an extract in which she relates a case in which our departed loved ones are never alone and neither are we:-

There was a woman, Daria, who came to I one of my séances. A group of about eight people were in attendance that evening. I had been delivering messages for about half an hour when all of a sudden two large dogs appeared and walked over by her. With them, I saw a very handsome young man and he wanted his presence to be known by this woman. I spoke, acknowledging that he was there behind her with the dogs. I told her I was feeling uncomfortably warm and said that the young man’s name began with or had something like a “D” or “L” or “DL.”

Her eyes widened as she looked at me. I asked if she recognized who this might be. “Daniel,” she said and burst into tears. I told her that Daniel wanted her to know he was there, he loved her, and he was fine, happy, and well. It was important for him that she knew the two dogs were there also.

After a few moments, Daria was able to compose herself and began to share with the group her story. It seems that Daniel was 24 years old and lived in another city. He was her favourite son and had decided to move to a different location in order to have a better opportunity for his chosen field of work. He had obtained a small old house and therefore took along his two beloved pet boxers to live with him and provide company. 

One night as Daniel slept, due to faulty wiring and a space heater, the old house caught fire and burned to the ground. Neither Daniel nor the dogs made it out. This had been a horrifying loss for Daria. Tragic and sudden. No opportunity for closure. This being her favourite child, she had had a terrible time moving past the grief. She often wondered how it must have been for him to die that way and wondered if he had struggled, or even awakened. The only thing she knew was that the firefighters had told her about something they thought was unusual when they were fjnally able to recover the body.

When they began clearing their way through the rubble, at first they thought they had only found two dogs huddled together, they were so badly burned. Yet, as they began to pull them away, underneath they found Daniel’s body. It appeared the dogs had covered him trying to protect him. They could have tried to get away but for some reason they stayed. Now they were here with Daniel to let his mom know he was okay, and not alone. That she could move on. 

Now who’s to say whether Daniel or the dogs passed over first, and who might have helped them all over. What this story confirms for me is that we are never alone, whether it is in the dying process or the crossing over process.

I don’t know about you, but this gives me some comfort beyond just being a touching and heart warming story. It made me think about when multipIe deaths happen, and we have surely experienced that magnified recently with the tragic events of September 11, here in the United States. This was a massive passing over that none of us will ever forget. What came to mind is that quite possibly there were many of those that died who were helping the others over. It’s like this vision of many hands reaching out to create a bridge to the other side.

Does the soul really know……

One of the latest book written by George Anderson with regard to after life is “Ask George Anderson”. In this book he replies to some of the most commonly asked questions asked by those who were seeking to know more about after life on the earth. Below on of the question and his reply.

Do the souls really know how much we love and miss them?  – Robin

In  more than forty years of working with the souls, the one thing I know for certain is that no matter what becomes of us on the earth, love is the most powerful and enduring of the emotions. Love has the power to extinguish hate, jealousy and fear, and lives on even when the physical body dies. Love is the only thing the souls bring with them to the hereafter,  so that they can shower those they love on the earth with all the love they have collected from each of us during their time on the earth. Love is more powerful than death.

The souls know how much they mean to us, and that they were loved beyond their limited understanding when they were on the earth. Now, in a world of total clarity, they can see straight into our hearts and understand, perhaps for the  first time, the depth of love we feel for those we cherish. The souls don’t feel the same pain of separation as we do, because they are able to be with us during those dark moments when we think we are all alone, and they have the ability to comfort our hearts, in order to help us find our hope and a reason to continue on in our journey here. But the souls also understand that part of our spiritual lesson on the earth is to endure the pain of a loved one’s passing, and they cannot take that pain away from us, for fear of taking away a large part of the reason why we are still here – to learn to love again and continue to find hope and peace while we suffer, the loss of a loved one. The souls want so much for us to complete the lessons that are to be among our greatest struggles  here, so that we may enter the hereafter when our work on the earth is done, and join the in a world of joy.

To the souls, it is only in the blink of an eye that they will see us again, but to us, it is day after day of working to earn the same love, joy, and peace that the souls now find in their new world. In the meantime, the souls have never left our side; they continue to walk with us, share our joy and pain, and continue helping us to help ourselves until we see them again. This is how powerful their love for us is: they spend the rest of our lives caring for us in ways we may never completely realize until we see them again and understand from their unique perspective. But no matter what time or distance separates us from those we love, we hold a piece of them in our hearts, and we hold an invisible thread that connects us to their love and hope. This is something the souls have promised each and every one of their loved ones on the earth-that they will never abandon us, because their love for us is as steadfast and enduring as the Infinite light itself. One fine day we will be able to see our loved ones again and return the love they gave us so freely as they helped us navigate the rest of our existence here. The souls’ love for us is like a beacon that will lead us right back to them when our work on the earth is done.  

I’ll See you in My Dreams

Below is an extract from the book “Return From Heaven” by Carol Bowman. I found this book very interesting  on  some evidences  that  show that relatives were reincarnated within their  own family. It also touches on  the subject ‘dreams’ which validates some of our vivid dreams  meeting  our loved ones,  who are on the other side.

Although spirits employ a wide variety of means for communicating with the living, dreams are the most common form of direct communication. Dreams are a  meeting ground between the worlds. Researchers Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski report in their book, Love Beyond Life, that the most profound and long lasting communications occur in this state. They suggest the reason is that during the dream state it might be easier for the spirit to make contact with the living because, while asleep, our rational filters are down and our minds are most flexible and receptive to nonordinary experiences. Another intriguing possibility is that during sleep we leave our bodies and astral-travel, meeting the deceased in a dimension accessible to both of us, a neutral territory for disembodied travellers.

Whatever the mechanism, these dreams-which are  more aptly described as visitations-are highly significant for the dreamer. They are far more real and vivid than ordinary dreams. In them, dreamers clearly see and embrace deceased loved ones who appear as they did in life, or if they were sick before they died, they appear in full health. When dreamers awaken from one of these vivid encounters, they feel as if they actually visited with the deceased. These impressions, unlike ordinary dreams, are fixed in the memory and stay with the dreamer for a long time, even years after the  experience.

Because dreams tend to last longer than other communications from the deceased, they provide an opportunity for prolonged and meaningful messages. Communication within these visitations is usually telepathic, without spoken words, traveling directly from one mind to the other. Even when messages are symbolic, they rarely require analysis, unlike ordinary dreams. Their meaning is close to literal and easily understood. Sometimes they are solely messages of comfort and reassurance; some accurately foretell future events or give the dreamer solutions to problems or answers to questions. .

After-death communication is most common in the days and weeks following death and for several years thereafter. Then direct communication may stop-but not always. There are no absolute rules. After many years of silence, the deceased may resume contact for no apparent reason, or in times of difficulty or danger. The deceased may appear in a moment of crisis and communicate a warning, helpful instructions, or assurance that all will be well.

 Well, some of us in the family had very vivid dreams about Prashanth. My wife and I still have some good dreams on and off although it is not as frequent as before. Anyway our daughter-in-law Tasha has more of these dreams. These dreams do make us feel comfortable and especially after reading some of these books.