Prashanth’s 30th Birthday


27th of May 2013 was Prashanth’s 30th Birthday. Just like the previous year we went to the same Vision Home of the Orphanage and celebrated his birthday.


Tasha represented Prashanth





                It is the second birthday we have been celebrating since Prashanth  moved on to his eternal home. Although we greatly miss him we feel that he is always watching over us. One way to seek some solace is to visit this home which we believe Prashanth would love us  to do.

Visiting this orphanage also gives a little satisfaction especially in seeing young children. There are more small children now. Sometimes we wonder how on earth can these children have to be away from their parents at their young age.  Fortunately there are very good care takers who take care of these children.

From the pictures we can see the happiness in their faces. We hear many stories about how these children end up in the homes. It is saddening to hear it. Although these small children cannot relate to us how they feel being here we can read from their faces they are much happier in the present home.

This happiness is mainly related to the way they are taken care of.


The older girls and boys do help in the daily chores.




                                                                                                                                                                        There are presently 28 children in all.





Mdm Erika is overall in-charge in taking care of the children and assisting her is Mr and Mrs Sam. They do give a lot of attention to the children in meeting their needs.

On behalf of our beloved son Prashanth we will continue to visit this home as well as other  welfare homes from time to time. There are many things to learn from here and each time we are learning something new.  Only when we are present ourselves in these homes we intend to know more about our life. Prashanth continues to guide us.