Kyle’s birthday Wishes….

Different people have different experiences when their loved ones from the other side show signs, indicating they are around us. Sometimes it seems it is unbelievable but as for those who had similar experiences or for those the experiences may depict  some indepth meaning, known only to them, are convinced that there is no such things called death.

In the book “Quit Kissing My Ashes”Judy Coller, the mother whose son Kyle  from  the other side gave her many signs, convincing her enough, to show her  he is around her. Below is an extract of an experience she had.

Kyle’s presence was unmistakable another day, on October 12th, the day before my first birthday without Kyle. I was not looking forward to the next day when I would become fifty-five years old. It was one of those days that everyone said I  would dread, one of those days we are to “celebrate”. Like most things in Life, it’s the anticipation of the event that is so highly profiled. It’s not the day itself, which is usually a let down.

It was around 5.30 in the morning. I was in the bathroom, the one he used it exclusively when was at home. I was putting some make-up on in order to go to few garage sales.

I didn’t really feel like going, but I was getting ready anyhow. I felt emotional when all of a sudden, the eight lights on the mirror began going off and on. It wasn’t just a flicker. They went completely off and the turned on again, as if someone were actually turning the switch off and on.  This kept on and on. I yelled to Jim (her husband) who was in the kitchen reading the paper. I told him to hurry.

As Jim slowly walked down the dark hallway, he could see the lights going off and on. When he walked into the bathroom, he flipped the switch.

I asked, “Why did you do that?”

“I don’t want Kyle to burn down the house,”he said.
Kyle might have been doing fifty-five times for my birthday. It actually lasted that many times.

When I got home from looking for bargains, there was a message on my answering machine. Jim wanted me to call him at work as soon as I got the message. When  I called him,  he told me when got  out of his shower and began drying off, the eight lights above his mirror began dong the same thing, going off and on.

You have to understand these two bathrooms are in circuit  and none of the light bulbs were bad. They all were still working over  a year later. It had been four years since were remodelled and installed these lights, and it had never happened before. Believe it or not, Kyle’s blinking the lights to let me know he was celebrating with me was the best birthday present I ever received.

(There are other incidences and experiences Judy Collier and her family has experienced. You have to read the book to know and understand these signs. Only those who have separated physically from someone they dearly love will believe in such experiences and of course I am one of them).

On LIfe After Death


About the Author

120806-63866_p3Elisabeth Kubler Ross (1926-2004) was a best selling author of more than twenty books. She  also authored the famous book “On Death and Dying”. She is considered  to be one of the world foremost expert on subjects of death and dying, who has worked with thousand of patients who were terminally ill.

About The Book

120522-83989_p2Dr Kubler Ross  says that death of the human body is the same as what happens when a  butterfly emerges from its cocoon. She relates cocoon as our body and that it is just a  house for you to live for a while. She says that a dying experience is just like a birth experience as we will born again to live in a diffrent realm. Moreover, those who would be waiting on the other side wll be our loved ones who have were back to their home earlier.

She said most of us do not sit beside a person at the last hour, before leaving the earth. According to her it is a blessing to sit with them. It need not be perceived as a sad or horrible. She went on to say that knowledge alone will not be of help to anyone. If we failed to use our  head, heart and soul we will not be able to help a single human being.  She feels that the best teachers in the world are dying patients.

She reiterates that even a seriously ill patient, who might have undergone severe pain, are always relaxed and show incredible sense of peace, just before they pass on.

Although the book comes with mere 85 pages and that you could read in one sitting   I believe it can be good choice to pick up this book.

Publishing Information
Author Elisabeth Kubler-Ross MD
ISBN 1 9781587613180
Publisher Celestial Arts
Publication Date 1991
Total Pages 85

Deathbed Visions


About The Author

120803-74486_p3Sir William Fletcher Barret (1844-May 1925) was an English physicist and parapsychologist. Barret studied Chemistry and Physics at the Royal College of Chemistry in London. He then became the science master at the International College, London. His interest in paranormal started in the 1860s after having an experience with mesmerism.

About The Book

120803-96850_p2While before passing on, cases like stretching out their hands from the bed, saying that someone is present, eyes having fixed on something, the glow seen in the person apparently seeing some of the relatives who have passed on earlier; music being heard at the time of passing on by the person himself and or those around are some of the reports elaborated in the book.  Most of these records are from the second half  of the 19th century.

Sir William Fletcher Barret also stated about the celebrated mathematician, Prof. De Morgan, that just before he passed away he has seen his own family he had lost, his three children, mother and sister whom he has greeted.

The author says that from the evidences obtained he is convinced the existence of spiritual world, survival of after death and  that occasional communications exist from those who have passed on.

He concludes his findings by stating “Sooner or later psychical research will demonstrate to the educated world, not only the existence of a soul in man, but also the existence of a soul in Nature.”



1. Introduction
2. Visions Seen by the Dying of Persons Unknown by them to be Dead.
3. Visions Seen by the Dying of Persons Known by Them to be Dead, and Deathbed Visions seen by
4. Visions Seen by the Dying of Living Persons at a Distance-In Some Cases Reciprocal
5. Music Heard at the Time of Death by the Dying or by Persons Present at a Deathbed
6. Visions of the Spirit of a Dying Person Leaving the Body

Selected Papers from the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research are also included.

Publishing Information

Author Sir William Fletcher Barret
ISBN 1 1907661026
Publisher White Crow Publishers
Publication Date 2011
Total Pages 140

The Light Beyond


About The Author

120818-69030_p3Raymond Moodry Jr.MD, PhD  was born in 1944 and he is a Psychologist and a Medical Doctor. He is the best-selling author of eleven books.  More than 20 million copies in various languages have been sold worldwide. He is known to be a leading authority on “Near Death Experience”. His best-selling book is ‘Life After Life’.

About The Book

120606-54820_p2In this book Dr Raymond Moody further discusses on the Near-Death Experiences  and the various research being conducted. He elaborates giving various data to validate on the NDEs.

Dr Moody says that until his book Life After Life was published there was almost no research on the near-death experiences. Most doctors even ignored when the patients relate NDEs, thinking that they were crazy.

As an example of an NDE among children Mr Raymond relates to Dr Melvin Morse’s case where she handled a near-drowning victim. This seven year old child later related to Dr Melvin on how she was on the other side and what now she feels about her death. According to Dr Melvin the details given were amazing.

Similarly Dr Raymond has referred to many other such stories derived through other prominent doctors, who have done the research.

In his conclusion Dr Raymond says that he has listened to thousands of people on their experiences on NDEs. He also talked to almost every NDE researcher and that he knows that many of them in their heart believe in life after life but as scientists they are waiting for “scientific proofs” but at the same time trying to answer in a scientific way to the question: “What happens when we die?”

Anyway, reading this book can further validate on the NDEs and that it will also greatly comfort those who are grieving.


1. The Experience of Almost Dying
2. Changed Lives: The Transforming Power of Near-Death Experiences
3. Children and NDEs: Meeting the Guardian Angel
4. Why Near-Death Experiences Intrigue Us
5. Why the NDE Isn’t Mental Illness
6. The Near-Death Researchers
7. Explanations

Publishing Information

Author Raymond A.Moody. Jr., M.D.
ISBN 1 978-0-553-27813-2
Publisher Bantam Books
Publication Date 1989
Total Pages 205

The Big Book Near Death Experience


About The Author

120715-26304_p3P.M.H. Atwater is a global leader in the study of the NDE. She dedicates her life to investigate and report near-death phenomena using a systematic, scientific method. Through her efforts, medical workers who routinely deal with trauma and emergencies are now recognizing and recording the near-death experience and sharing them. In 2001, the medical journal Lancet reported on the near-death experience, for the first time citing the work of Atwater to the global medical community. This book is the culmination of her life-long work and is written to be a sourcebook for doctors, nurses, EMTs, and anyone who has experienced either first hand or through a loved one the life-altering near-death phenomenon. She has appeared on Larry King Live, Regis and Kathy Lee, and Geraldo and is a workshop leader at major spiritual/holistic gatherings. She has addressed audiences at International Association for Near-Death Studies conferences, as well as the United Nations.

(Source: Amazon Com)

About The Book

120606-00486_p2The book covers many areas of near-death phenomenon.

Apart from the NDEs she also covers the area of consciouness. The book can be pursuasive and convinicing for those who wish to establish the truth on NDEs. It includes many personal accounts and data.

She also has touched on those disbelievers of life after and explains why she thinks they are wrong.

Although the book looks big with 400 pages the drawings and boxes has taken up the space. Thus the contents of the book will not take too much of your time to read.

This book could  be of some help to those who are struggling with grief.

Publishing Information

Author P.M.H. Atwater
ISBN 1 1571745475
Publisher Hampton Roads Pub Co;
Publication Date 2007
Total Pages 400

Dying to Be ME


Dying to Be ME

120805-37472_p3Anitha Moorjani, born in Singapore to an Indian parents and moved to Hong Kong at the age of two. She is multilingual in  speaking English, Cantonese and Indian dialects and later picked up French. She has been working in corporate world  for many years before being diagnosed with cancer but recovered miraculously.

Anita currently resides in Hong Kong and works as an intercultural consultant for multinational corporations.



About The Book

120606-29855_p2I pre-ordered this book,  before it was published, immediately after my relative told me about her experience he read in the internet.

In this book Anita tells us about her early life followed by her adulthood. She was diagnosed  with cancer in the year 2002.  In 2006 she was in coma.

Although some might say there is not much  is talked about on Near Death Experience in this book, it can still make us ponder how she recovered from her terminal illness.  I was asking myself whether the NDE  (Near Death Experience) itself could have been helpful to her recovery. Anyway, even if it is a miracle she recovered,  we know that  there must be a reason  for her recovery – although sometimes we would  never know the actual reason as in her case.

One  key point she talks about is ‘Fear’. She had the fear of cancer when she came across  those who had cancer, whom she knew. Thus, she emphasises on avoiding fear. Anyway, after her  own NDE the fear of death is no more an issue for her.

This book can be useful to understand that miracle can still happen even if you are  terminally ill but then as  preventive measure we sure avoid fear from creeping into us.

In Chapter 15 she says “I can now see that my disease is part of why I’m here, and whether I chose to live or die, I wouldn’t be any less magnificent.” .  Her fear has faded.


The main contents:-

1. Part I    –  Seeking The Right Way
2. Part II   –  My Journey To Death……And Back
3. Part III  – What I’ve Come To Understand.

Publishing Information

Author Anita Moorjani
ISBN 1 978-1-4019-3751-5
Publisher Hay House USA
Publication Date 2012
Total Pages 191

Life After Life


About The Author

120821-56524_p3Raymond Moodry Jr.MD, PhD  was born in 1944 and he is a Psychologist and a Medical Doctor. He is the best-selling author of eleven books.  More than 20 million copies in various languages have been sold worldwide. He is known to be a leading authority on “Near Death Experience”. His best-selling book is ‘Life After Life’. Continue reading