‘Multicontact’ Dreams

Most dreams are vague and sometimes just evaporate from our mind within minutes after waking up. How hard you try to retrieve what you had dreamt, you might not be able to put the fragmented pieces together and eventually it is completely erased from your memory. At the same time, there are dreams which stay on vividly after you wake up. I personally had a few dreams, along with other family members, after my son Prashanth moved to the next realm. I can remember every detail of the dream although some of these dreams are more than a year now.  I am now very convinced that some of these dreams are actual visitations. It really stays on in the memory giving some solace to convince us that our loved one is around us.

In the book ‘Love Beyond Life’ authored by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski there is an interesting incident of “family dream’’ of a loved one which I came across. Below is the dream which was extracted from the book.

One family’s multicontact experience began the evening Lisa Oberman died. A car had struck Lisa a week before, on her thirteenth birthday, and for several days after, she lay comatose on life support until her death. That evening her father, Alex, had what he describes as a “very real dream. It was night time, and there was a tremendous number of children-black, white, Asian. They were all playing and running around. I was standing there observing them. Finally I see Lisa. I said, ‘That’s my daughter: I felt a tremendous love. You cannot physically feel this kind of love. It was something that you cannot explain. I went over to her. Her face was shining and bright. She was playing with all the children. They took off their jackets and ran around. Then I woke up, I knew who it was. These were all souls of children who had passed on.’

Within days of Alex’s dream, his wife and daughter each separately received similar messages from Lisa. Her twenty-one-vear-old sister it Linda, experienced a vivid dream in which, she tells us, “Lisa looked well and happy. I could see her dark hair and blue eyes. She said to me, ‘I’m fine. Don’t worry· “Linda found the dream of her little sister comforting. What she did not know until later was that her mother, Carmen, also received a message from Lisa. Yet unlike in Alex’s and Linda’s experiences, Lisa conveyed her message to her mother telepathically. Suddenly Carmen was impressed with the thought, “I’m fine, Mom. Don’t worry. I have to go,’

 Telepathically, Carmen responded, “What are you doing? Where are you now?’

 I go to school here. We’re learning.  But everything is different here, because when you want something, all you have to do is think about it.” Subsequently Lisa impressed her father with the following nearly identical message: “Don’t worry I’m all right. Everything here IS different. When you think of something, it here. I’ m fine. I have to go now.

“It was a message that was unmistakeable,” Alex says. “It was not my thought of imagination. It was Lisa’s thought coming to me.”

According to the authors none of the three shared their experiences before the series was complete. If these communications were figments of the family’s imaginations, as skeptics might argue, you would probably find greater variation among them.  If you asked parents what they would expect to hear from a deceased child, “I love you” and “I miss you” would top the list. Yet they appear nowhere here.

 Another message survivors of children who suffer serious, painful physical injury and a prolonged death long to hear is “I didn’t suffer”  or  “I was in no pain,” Nothing like that: only “I’m okay:’ Lisa was doing all she could to ensure not only that her message to her family got through but that they could believe it.