The Text Message

Suzie with her family members had a reading with Medium Maureen Hancock, one of the popular mediums, teacher, lecturer and holistic healer. Suzie’s son has moved to the next realm. Some of the the things Maureen said perplexed the whole family. The reading seems to be very accurate. Suzie then related a dream to Maureen. Here is what she said.

 “I had a dream of Bo, and I just know it wasn’t an ordinary, dream; it was a real ‘visit.’ In the dream, he hugged me, and looked directly in my eyes and said, ‘Mom, my numbers are 2, 6, 11,  and sometimes 26 – I love you. Then, the next day I was telling  my nephew about the dream. Suddenly my sister’s phone beeped with a new text message. My sister had no idea about my dream  and innocently held up her phone blurting out, Look! This is the third time I got this text! The first one read 261126112611, the second one read 112611261126, and me third one read 621162116211!’My nephew and I fell to our knees screaming, I while the rest of the family thought we were nuts, That’s really Bo, doing all these things, isn’t it Maureen?”

 Medium Maureen Hancock reply to Suzie:-

 I looked at Suzie and smiled, “Bo is not dead; he is just different,” I stated.

As they got up to leave, we all hugged and Suzie said to me, “Thank you and Bo for being the greatest teachers we’ve ever had. ~ can survive this nightmare now.”

Once in awhile a spirit will amaze me with its capability to reach its family after such a short time out of its physical body. In Bo’s case, he struggled so much before his passing- he needed his family to know that he was finally at peace. Like many families going through a similar challenge, Bo’s family tried to help him, but couldn’t fix him. Although Suzie and Anthony were what I call “healthy skeptics,” they gave spirit communication a chance, and that little seed of hope has blossomed and will continue to flower around them for years to come.