A Telephone Call

It is said that our loved ones on the other side know what is going on this side. They are said to be always around us. Well, it can be very true since unlike us they are not trapped in the physical body. They may move freely with speed. It is this physical body we have in the earthly life which restricts us, in many ways from moving about. Once we are out of this body it sounds possible that  we can travel to any part of the world.

One of my favourite mediums is John Edward. His readings are interesting and sound very realistic. In one of his books ‘One Last Time’ he has related an incident during a reading for a woman. Here is an extract, in his own words:-

One night I was doing a private reading for a woman when the spirit of a close friend of hers came through by name and other identifying details. Then the spirit gave me a “female figure above” feeling and showed me a telephone. The way it came through made me believe she was telling me she wanted me to actually call her mother right then-to tell her she was fine. Normally I would not have considered doing something so audacious, but the feeling I got was so clear and strong that I decided there was no choice. I asked my client to make the call.

 A bit nervously, she dialled the number and began explaining the situation to her friend’s mother. Then she handed me the phone. As gently as possible, I explained who I was and why I was calling. “I want you to know I’m not nuts, and I apologize for calling out of the blue like this, but your daughter insisted I call you right now.” With that, I heard the woman gasp, shriek, cry, and then drop the phone. After a few seconds another woman got on and started cursing at me: “How dare you, You sick so-and-so.”  Every four–letter word in the book. I felt terrible. I thought I was going to get sued, or arrested for harassment. But the next day my client called me and said she found out what had happened. It seems that her friend’s mother had been reading We Don’t Die, the bestselling book about medium George Anderson, by Patricia Romanowski and Joel Martin She was so persuaded that spirits seemed to be able to practically make phone calls to those they left behind that she asked, “Why can’t my daughter call me?” A few seconds later, the phone rang. She picked it up and heard a stranger saying he was a medium and that her daughter insisted he call.


Well, those who have some experiences like me will believe that those on the other side are watching over us.