Soulmates by Kahlil Gibran


 I shall live beyond death, and I shall sing in your ears
Even after the ‘vast sea-wave carries me back
to the vast sea-depth .
I shall sit at your board though without a body,
and I shall go with “you to Your fields, a spirit invisible.
I shall come to ‘You at your fireside, a guest unseen.
Death changes nothing but the mask that covers our faces.
The woodsman shall be still a woodsman,
The ploughman, a ploughman,
and he who sang his song to the wind
shall sing it also to the moving spheres.  

..Kahlil Gibran

The After Life Experiments

Dr Gary Schwartz, a scientist  carried out a series of experiments to find out whether consciousness survives after death. He wanted to confirm the existence of afterlife. The experiment was carried at the University of Arizona Laboratory involving highly recognised five mediums including John Edward,  George Anderson and Suzane Northrop  who have remarkable track records. The candidates for the readings were not known to the mediums.  The sitters neither faced nor spoke to the mediums during the readings.

The way the experiments were carried out depicts his painstaking attention in establishing the afterlife should be appreciated. The new scientific data will further enforce the belief that there is no real ‘death’ and that we will continue to live on.  As you read the book you will notice that he has a balanced approach, paying conscientious attention in establishing the facts and being in detail, is remarkable. He even hired professionals who are hoax exposers to make sure that no kinds of tricks or magic exist during the readings.

One good thing about the book is that it is written in a layman language which makes it easy to understand what these experiments are all about. It makes us to understand that consciousness is independent, and does not depend on the brain, after we depart this earthly realm.

In fact, Dr Gary has taken a high risk in coming out with this book but I believe such experiments and data obtained  is an important step to reinforce the truth on after life but also to validate the mediums’ readings. Those who totally reject the contents of the book should then carry out experiments to counter proof Dr Gary’s findings than to just claim it is hogwash, leaving us living in despair.  

Anyway, as to me this book triggered my inspiration further to read more books on life after-life. I believe this book should appeal to the masses and probably even the sceptic might change their mind-set. Read the book to arrive at your own conclusion.

Prashanth’s 31st Birthday – 27th May 2014

Prashanth’s 31st birthday

Prashanth's 31st Birthday

Prashanth’s 31st Birthday



As usual we celebrated Prashanth’s birthday in the Vision’s Home. It was his 31st birthday and it was the third consecutive year we celebrated at the same place with the children. It means a lot to us to have his birthday celebrated every year. Each time when are we at the Vision Home with the children, it gives us a satisfaction of being with Prashanth.




The innocent children even asked me whose birthday it was. It is difficult to explain to these small children. So I just said that it is my son Prashanth’s birthday. The children are generally excited  and that a few of the smaller kids even volunteered to cut the birthday cake.

Happy moment

Happy moment

We will continue celebrating Prashanth’s birthday at this  home. As usual, we served the  children with dinner at 7.30pm.  After spending some time with  the children, we left for  home marking another day with  the physical absence of our beloved son, Prashanth.