Prashanth Our Treasure


Prashanth had always been a lovely child. He has a special caring and loving attitude to the young and old. His relationship with some of the poor people depicted his simplicity.

I relate success with happiness. I considered the greatest success in my life is having a good married life which unreservedly I had. The greatest gift a father should deserve is the high respect from his children. In that aspect, I am totally proud to say that both my sons met my needs, in almost every way. Honestly, I cannot ask anything more. I don’t like to talk much on what they studied for but I always talk about their skills and the respect they gave us.

As usual, with their mother, they always share many things. He prefers his mother’s cooking than to eat outside, whenever he is back for weekends or holidays, except for the family gathering dinners where we end up almost in the same favourite restaurant each time. My wife never turned down to meet any of our sons or even my needs when coming to cooking food.

Prashanth loves family gathering and he loves staying at home. When my second son Vinod started working, we had more get-togethers and that is all my wife and I look forward for. The presence of my daughter-in-law made our life merrier. We as parents crave to see them and we become overly excited each weekend, holidays or during the festivals we get-together. For me and my wife it was just the beginning to see our adult children working and starting their own lives while remaining totally attached to us. Fridays were my happiest days looking forward for my two sons and daughter-in-law to come down to be with us. Now these memories make my eyes misty each week when I am driving back from office.

Last year, on the eve of my birthday, 16th of July 2011, he gave us dinner at our family’s favourite restaurant. The next day I bought them lunch. We did not have the slightest inkling that it was going to be our last family get-to-gather. My wife still says that she was so happy on the 16th of July 2011. She always recalls and talks about the happiness we had but now we are grieving daily.

We were all waiting for his customary marriage and that he will be near us permanently but he is now physically away from us permanently. We now have to endure this pain for our life time. I wonder about this mystery in our life with hidden tragedies wait for us. I never said even once why it happened to us? But I do ask, why him? – when I am still around.

While we all look forward for our anniversaries like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, mothers’ day, fathers’ day or any other festival, no one would like to go through an anniversary of the day of our loved one, who has parted physically. Although all of us are aware that our life in this earth is short and that we need to part one day, it is difficult to accept when the day comes and especially without any inkling and what more to say if it is our children – No parents would wish to outlive their children. We feel very guilty. This feeling is natural.

His birthday falls on the 27th of May and we will keep on celebrating it. His last birthday was celebrated in Vision Home (the home of the orphanage) where Tasha cut the cake on behalf of Prashanth.

We keep consoling ourselves daily that the soul which leaves the earth would be doing better over there on the other side and that they will keep communicating with us on this side. Thus, my family decided to launch this website on the first anniversary, to avoid marking this day as a day of sorrow, but to remind us that he went back to his ORIGINAL home to continue his spiritual growth while sending us signs and messages. The many dream messages which he has sent us have given us meaningful insights. The dream about the parrot which came through my uncle has a significant meaning to me. The many vivid dreams we all had, have been very meaningful. We have also other experiences which we would gradually share with others especially those who are grieving so that they can also move on with life like us.

While his absence leaves a big vacuum in our family, we are going to fill this vacuum by doing things in his name until the day when the time comes for us to be with him in our original home. Meantime we believe his continuous visits in our dreams will show that he is always around us.


Our Love for Prashanth….

From his wife Tasha       

“Mature, caring, handsome – Just like Papa”

That was my exact thought when I first met my Prashanth. He was  in his lion T-shirt which was given to him by his beloved Indranee Sitti. ( Sitti is Aunty in English). His unshaven look and his unshaken voice. I fell in love with Prashanth at first sight. Later in the relationship, he told me that he too fell in love at the very first sight.

Prashanth reminded me so much of my Papa. Prashanth has a good sense of humour, cared a lot for people, he loves everyone around him, loves animals very much, disciplined, organized, takes things seriously and very much mature for his age.

Prashanth is my good friend, my brother, my father, my Husband. In other terms, he is my soul mate.

Every likings that we have are the same. We first found out that we both love video games. Our first unofficial date was in a cybercafé. We played Counter Strike and Need For Speed for hours. Prashanth is a very good gamer. I know why – he has a very high IQ!! Give him a game where no one  can crack or play – Prashanth can  do it for you!

Unlike other couples, our so called dates were always playing video games, window shopping at the car accessories shops, window shopping at the pet store, we hunt for Hotwheels along with Indranee Sitti and Vinod, we collect car models, he builds wooden humvee models, we read to each other Famous Five stories, we spent time playing Q and A – where I asked him all the medical questions and he answers them so well. How impressed I was at that time seeing his wide knowledge in the medical field.

We spent hours not talking lovey dovey things but we always talk about our children – Arya, Aarul and Anoushka whom we never had. Our three children that we plan to have after marriage. The third one is supposed to be adopted from the orphanage.

We spoke a lot about our house. When Prashanth and his family moved to Skyhomes, every night was spent talking and designing the house. When Indranee Sitti bought her house, Prashanth was also talking and designing her house whenever we talk on the phone or when we met. It was the same as well forRavimama’s house. (Mama is uncle in English ) Ravi Mama is Prashanth’s favorite uncle. As far as I can remember, Prashanth idolized Ravi Mama. When Ravi Mama shifted to his new home – Prashanth, Indranee Sitti, Vinod and myself went to help clear and carry stuff into his new home.

To Prashanth, family is everything. He loved all his cousins, his grandmothers, his uncles and aunties, his brother Vinod, daddy and mummy. In fact, all we talk was mostly about family.

When I was introduced to the family, Prashanth told me everyone in the family is mine. His daddy is my daddy, his mummy is my mummy, his brother is my brother, his sitti is my sitti and his grandma is my grandma.

To those who only sees the physical appearance of Prashanth, they will think that he is a very fierce person. Hahahaha – NO!!

Prashanth is totally the opposite. He loved children and children run to him. I have seen this in hospitals when I used to visit him. His dream is to be a pediatrician. To Prashanth, children are very innocent and they shouldn’t feel pain and suffering. So and so, children suffering fueled up his passion to be a pediatrician.

Besides video games, Prashanth and I shared the common likings on comedies, movie and his drawing passion.

Prashanth is a gifted person. His drawings are breathtaking. His drawings come alive! He draws with great details and especially the eyes in his drawings come alive and they pierce through anyone who sees them.

We both love drawings and he has taught me everything he knew about drawing. Now, whenever I draw, I feel that it is Prashanth who is holding my hand and guiding me through my drawings.

My Prashanth laughs a lot. And all of us miss his laugh. I miss his laugh so much.

We watch a lot of comedy serials together – Mind Your Language, The Jeffersons, Full House, Home Improvement, and South Park to name a few.

In fact, it was through watchingSouthPark, Prashanth discovered Biocentrism. There was this episode about Tom Cruise and his Scientology believes. That made Prashanth looked up more on Scientology and he discovered Biocentrism. We had discussion on this matter and we both believe that our souls are really energy which live eternally as mentioned in Biocentrism.

Prashanth and I knew each other for seven years now. Our likings, our compatibility, our child like character – I believe he is my soul mate. Prashanth fondly calls me Asha. He likes the name Asha because Asha is within his name Prashanth.

I miss everything about him. His eyes, his smile, his dimples, his laugh, his voice, his advices – everything! I deeply know that Prashanth is always here for me. He is in his eternal home but I know he is always here with me, to wipe my tears, to protect me, to calm me down. I know it is him who gave me all that strength to help his daddy, his mummy and his sitti.

Everyone has been grieving. From daddy and mummy, Vinod, sitti, and me. I have moved on because Prashanth has told me to do so. But, my heart still misses him. He is someone I will carry in my heart, my mind, my soul.

When he left to his eternal home, he left me wounded. It has been a year, the wounds are closed but the scar remains there. This scar, I wil carry until the day I’ll meet him again in his eternal home – my heaven.

Some people will think that I am a very unlucky girl but I will strongly say that I am lucky. I am lucky I met this wonderful person in my life, I spent seven beautiful years with him. I am lucky he loved with all his heart and I know he still does. He gave me a family. Daddy who cares for me in every bit, loves me like his own daughter. Mummy, the mother I never had. Prashanth used to tell me that I look better as mummy’s biological daughter! Vinod, the brother I always dreamed of having. When I miss Prashanth badly, I turn to Vinod. Vinod’s hands and voice are so much similar to Prashanth. And Prashanth also left me Indranee Sitti and Ravi Mama for me. They are always there when I am in need alone in Kuala Lumpur. When I lost my Papa on 7th September 2011, it was Indranee Sitti, Ravi Mama and Vinod  were the ones in the hospital with me.

But, I know, Papa and Prashanth are together. They will take care of each other and will always be my guardian angels.

My dearest Pipa ( as how I fondly call Prashanth ), one day we will all meet and be together as family again. And that will be such a glorious day!



Vinod the only sibling of Prashanth…………

Prashanth, my brother,half of who I am now, is him.

“Black ants are good, red ants are the bad ones” he told me when I was about four and he was about  nine. From then, I always stood away from the red ones. This was the first lesson as far as I can remember which I’ve learnt from the greatest teacher in my life.

I saw him wearing his Taekwondo uniform when I was five. He was always so proud of it. I then decided that I need to be a little “macho” as well. I joined Taekwondo when I was six and never stopped until 17. I attained black belt. If he did not show off to me with his uniform, this wouldn’t have happened.

When my brother was 15, he started lifting weights and going to the gym. He started to look tough and fit. In fact he became so strong that for certain workouts, the weights in the machine were insufficient. And as usual, I followed my teacher. When I was 15, I started lifting weights which were as light as feathers. I went on and on and finally I grew stronger. However, unfortunately the weights were always seemed sufficient for me.

When we were older, he told me Spongebob Squarepants is a great cartoon. I am 24 now, and I have never stopped watching the cartoon which he first said is good.

He was always excellent in Mathematics and I was only good until Maths became tougher in secondary school. Then it was time that I had to learn loads and loads of Maths from him. I started understanding the difficult Maths because of him. I used to be a little reserved in asking questions to teachers when I do not understand the solutions. So, I asked him and I always learnt. Today I am an engineer. Honestly, I learnt most of my Maths from the doctor.

My brother was such a fantastic artist. And as usual, I started to draw as well. This was one thing that I just couldn’t learn from him no matter how many times I tried. Today I realize that maybe that was his gift which couldn’t be separated from him.

I think I can’t say everything I’ve learnt from him here because half of what I know is what he taught me.

To those friends who know me well, they should know what my interests are. Trust me, most of it were instilled by my brother.

Today my brother is not here with me. He is not here to teach me the rest of what he knows. He is not here to introduce new things to me.

I’ll go on remembering and cherishing the memories, the knowledge and the interests I gained from my brother.


Just like his art, he was a MASTERPIECE.


Prashanth was very close with her Siti Indrani……………..

Prashanth, my eldest nephew! What can I say? Where shall I begin? From the time I took care of him as a baby or his growing years? I was 19 when he was born. He was a delightful baby. I never had any experience babysitting but when I started taking care of him I realised how easy it was.He was a good baby, very easy to manage and was always cheerful and in a good mood.A beautiful baby with a beautiful smile all the time. He filled up the void in my life. I never missed not having children of my own because he was the son I never had. As he grew up he became my close friend. Our relationship is bound by unconditional love.All through his growing years he shared his thoughts with me and I use to advice him. I don’t know when our roles reversed. I started asking his advice. Buying phones, laptop, cars ….everything with his approval. He had such good taste. Today… I am so lost without him. Many people might not understand the closeness Prashanth and I shared except my sister Prashanth’s mother, Tasha his wife and people who are close to me because I am just his aunty. Neither would anybody understand my grief, my loss. I miss him so much! His smile, his laugh and the way he calls me haunt me every single day. Sometimes I even feel his presence.Everytime I close my eyes I see him laughing. I know one day we will be together again. That is the only comfort I have right now. Now I am taking life one day at a time…no more planning, no more dreams of what could have been…..only memories because love leaves a memory no one can steal.

“ There are no good-byes, wherever we are, you’ll always be in my heart.”

“Those we love don’t go away,

They walk beside us everyday,

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

Still loved, still missed and very dear.






From Dharshini – Prashanth’s cousin

Dear Anne,

Words are hard to describe feelings,
I miss your smile,
I miss your laughter,
I miss all your jokes that you used to tell,
I miss watching horror movies together,
I miss playing video games with you,
But the most of all I miss you so much that I regret till today why didn’t I hugged you the last time I met you.
I’ve lost my one and only Anne.
You will always remain in my heart and my thoughts.

Love you.


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