“I Felt Like a Fly on the Wall

When our loved ones moved to the other side we begin to grief. It would be so traumatising that we begin to hate ourselves and keep asking why it has to be this way. But then on the other side it seems that our loved ones do not go through the physical or emotional pain as they are back to their home. If we look into the many reported cases of near death experiences it seems what said to be true. Anyway while going through the pain of missing our son all these reported evidences help me and my wife to believe our son is always around us and that we will be with him again. We also believe that it could help others who are in a similar situation like us.

In the book “Evidence of After LIfe” Jeffrey Long, M.D. with Paul Perry have seem to prove that we continue living after leaving the earth. One of the evidence is based on Near Death Experience encountered by many people. Here is one of the reported case.

In 1963 this young man lost control of his car and collided with a brick wall. His injuries were severe enough to fracture his face and sinus cavities and to break his jaw. Badly hurt, he sat on wet grass near the destroyed vehicle and then drifted into unconsciousness. As you read this, note the calmness with which he describes his experience as well as the presence of a very powerful out-of-body experience that seemed to indicate to him that all would be well in his life despite this near-fatal accident. Here’s his story:

I was in a severe automobile accident several ‘Years ago. The steering wheel smashed my face. The accident happened in a rainstorm, and I ran off the road and hit a brick wall.

For a while after the crash I felt nothing, and then the pain started to burn in my face. I got out of the car and lay down, hoping it would make me feel better, but it didn’t. Finally I just blacked out. When I awoke, I couldn’t see anything because my face was covered, but I could tell I was in a hospital from the sounds and the fact that I was on some kind of bed.

I don’t know how long it was, but I had the distinct sensation that I was floating out of my body. I saw my parents, who were there at the bedside, and could feel their emotional pain. It was strange. I should have been in pain but wasn’t. Instead I was standing next to my parents trying to console them as they looked at their darling son, whom they had just been told was going to die. It was horrific, but there was nothing I could do about it. I stood next to my mother and tried to get her attention, but I couldn’t because she didn’t know I was there. I looked at my own body but interested in what I was seeing. I actually felt like a fly the wall.

Something my mind finally clicked us I realized that they would eventually discover that I was not in pain, whether it was here on earth or not. At that point my empathetic pain went away and I focused on my experience. I remember thinking “So this is what death is about, ” as I rose further out of my body.

A Iight came into view and became larger and brighter as t drew closer, I knew this was It, the end of my life, and I wasn’t afraid. But as I drew near, a voice shouted at me to stop. And I mean shouted. “No, not yet!” the voice said.

When that happened I felt myself return very hard into my body. I gasped very loudly, but I knew I was going to survive after that. When they say it’s not your time, it’s not your time.


In the book “Talking to Heaven”  the well known medium James Van Praagh explains briefly on mediumship.  He says that mediumship can be broken down into two distinct categories. The first common type is mental mediumship.  As the word mental denotes, this form of mediumship utilizes the mind – the intuitive cosmic mind, not the rational or logical part.  He says that this type of mediumship fall into several distinct types as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and inspirational thought. Given below is the extract of his explanation  given in his book.


Derived from the French language, clairvoyance means” clear vision.” A clairvoyant applies her innate sense of inner sight to see objects, colors, symbols, people, spirits, or scenes. These pictures are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the medium’s mind as if she were physically seeing. In most cases the sights should be recognizable to the person for whom she is reading, whom I refer to as the sitter


This term means “clear hearing.” A clairaudient hears with the psychic ear or sensitized ear. He is able to hear sounds, names voices, and music that vibrate on a higher frequency. Much like dogs that hear at a higher frequency range than humans, mediums, too, hear beyond our normal hearing range. A clairaudient provides the sitter exactly what he hears from that higher rate of vibration. Although he hears the actual spirit voices or whispers with the same inflection the person would have used on the earth, he tells the sitter in his own voice what he is hearing


This is a form of mental mediumship that means “clear feeling.” A medium with clairsentience is able to sense when spirits are in the room. A true clairsentient will usually feel the spirit personality coming through his entire being. He is able to give messages to the sitter by way of strong, empathetic feelings and emotions from the spirit. In clairsentience, not only is the mind of a medium used but a medium’s emotional body as well.

Inspirational Thought

This is also known as inspirational speaking, inspirational writing; or inspirational art. In inspirational thought, a medium receives thoughts, impressions, knowledge – all without forethought. It differs from clairsentience because the emotional state is not as evident in inspirational thought as it is with a spirit personality coming through to speak. Inspirational thought is very objective. It has neither the intense emotions nor the spirit personality attached to the message. These are associated with clairsentience. Although inspirational thought comes from spirit, the personality of a spirit is not impressed on the receiver.

In many cases, a band or group of souls can impress an earthly recipient with inspirational thought. This group of souls melds their thoughts together and impresses the person to write a certain piece of music or paint a particular picture. Again, this is not done on an emotional level; rather, it is purely through inspiration. Many great artists such as Michelangelo, Monet, and Renoir, and musicians like Bach, Mozart, and Schubert were mediums. Great scientists and doctors of the past were also mediums utilizing inspirational thought. All around us today, we have wonderful artists, musicians, writers, actors, and speakers who use the mental mediumistic art of inspirational thought.

Julien’s Premonition

There are times we hear about young children, who have moved on to the next realm all of a sudden.  In some cases there are parents who come to know in advance that their child may part them due to the seriousness of an illness. What about if a child tells the parents that he or she will be leaving this earth to be on the other side? It can more frightening and painful for the parents to handle those situations. 

I just read a book “There’s More to Life than This” by the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. She has related the sad story of a boy named Julien, who was diagnosed with AML Leukemia when he was three and half years old. He parted his parents when he was eight years old. Here is the extract of what Julien had told his mother.

Julien’s contact with Heaven reads like a who’s who of Spirit, A month after his fourth birthday and first bone marrow transplant, Julien’s family and doctors thought he was out of the woods, though he was about to relapse. This is when Julien began getting messages from God, through a female Spirit he later identified in a book as the Blessed Mother. There are two messages that Julien’s mom knows of.  The first occurred shortly after Julien’s transplant, when he said, “Maman, I have something to tell you, but I’m afraid it will make you sad. God came to me in a dream and said I had to come back soon. He said my leukemia has returned and my time here is over.” This was surprising news, since Julien’s mom thought his transplant would help him recover. Not long after this dream, Julien heard from the Blessed Mother again, but this time, she was crying. She told him that when he died, his mom would be very sad but eventually be okay.

 Two days later, Julien’s doctor found abnormal cells from a bone marrow aspiration. Sure enough, the boy’s dreams were prophetic. Julien’s mom was devastated and prayed for a miracle. She took him to the shrine of St. Padre Pio in Pennsylvania. When she saw Julien holding the hand of, and whispering to, a Padre Pio statue in the gift shop, she bought it for him and put it in the backyard (Julien and his statue were the same height). Two months after their trip, Julien dreamed of a two-year-old boy who came to play with him and tell him about a conversation that God had with Padre Pio about Julien’s future. Julien then asked the boy if he should follow him to Heaven, and at the time, the boy said that Julien was not ready. Julien’s mom now believes the boy was actually an angel sent to bridge our world and Heaven for her son, when it was his time to go.

 Julien’s encounters with Spirit weren’t limited to highly evolved souls. Every time he was in severely critical condition, he asked his mom if she could see “them” and looked toward the ceiling; he whispered to the sky a lot. When his mom worked up the nerve to ask who “they” were, he said one of the beings was his mom’s friend Jackie, who died on 9/11. When she asked where Jackie was, he answered as if it were obvious: “Mommy, she is right there next to you.” Jackie died before Julien was born; he’d never met her.

 Julien and his mother did not discuss angels or God again, until the weeks before he died. At that point, he told his mom he was scared to leave her, but she “had his heart,” and he was going to a beautiful place.” Julien told her all the time that he chose her to be his mom, and that God pointed her out and said that if he selected her, she’d take care of him. He talked a lot about “one God for everyone.” Julien’s mom believes that her son was a gift, sent to help her and others believe in God and the afterlife. In the middle of the night recently, her niece awoke to a sparkling light in her room and an image of Julien’s face, smiling” just inches from her Own. He was with his mom’s friend Jackie.

 When I channelled Julien, he told me that his mom never treated him like he was sick and always made sure he was happy. She let him leave when it was time, and he said he had a beautiful passing. He could feel his mother’s heart beating when his stopped.