Children Who Remember Previous Lives


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120804-86485_p3Ian Pretyman Stevenson, MD (October 31, 1918–February 8, 2007) was a Canadian biochemist  and professor of pyschiatry. Until his retirement in 2002, he was head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

About The Book

120606-66085_p2After more than 40 years of research Stevenson has documented cases to show the possiblility of Reincarnation. He did not pubish full details of the research work done in this book but there are accounts of 14 cases here, for discussion purpose.  The children involved are from two to seven years old. Some of the details given by the children of their past lives are astounishing.  It is up to the individual to accept the findings.

Anyway to believe or not to believe in reincarnation, you need to read the whole book which has been well written. The cases reffered show emphirical evidence. Dr Stevenson has used a methodology which shows some of the recurring patterns.

The problem with reincarnation is that the children start forgetting the past life as they are above a certain age, probably seven and above, when they become analytical. Thus to collect relevant information is crucial when they are young. There is also a constraint in getting information verified, after a certain period of time. Moreover,  it seems those  young kids who have given some  useful information earlier gradually  forget of what they have said.

Overall this book will be a good book to read to understand the possibility of reincarnation than to listen to vague  undocumented evidences.
 (In addition to this book  you should try to read the book on “Return From Heaven – Beloved Relatives Reincarnated within Your Family”  by Carol Bowman.)


  1. An Introduction to the Study of Reincarnation
  2. The Belief in Reincarnation
  3. Types of Evidence for Reincarnation
  4. Fourteen Typical Cases of Children Children who Remember Previous Lives
  5. Characteristics of Typical Cases of Reincarnation Type
  6. Methods of Research
  7. The Analysis and Interpretation of the Cases
  8. Variations in the Cases of Different Cultures
  9. he Explanatory Value of the Idea of Reincarnation
  10. Some Further Questions and Topics Related to Children Who Remember Previous
  11. Lives
  12. Speculations About Process Possibly Related to Reincarnation

Publishing Information

Author Ian Stevenson, M.D.
ISBN 1 0-7864-0913-4
Publisher McFarland & Company, Inc.,
Publication Date 2000
Total Pages 335

Return From Heaven


About The Author

120803-32554_p3Carol Bowman was born on October 14th, 1950.  She holds M.S. in counselling from Villanova University. She is an author, counsellor, therapist and a lecturer. She has also been a past life regression  therapist and has been studying on reincarnation.

About The Book

120524-68536_p2In this book the author talks about “Beloved Relatives Reincarnated  Within Your Family’. Thus as you go deeper into finding out more about our life this book can be perplexing in the beginning, followed by pondering and ending up amazing.  The book claims that the soul decides when it is ready to reincarnate and choose his/her their own family circle to continue the relationship with the same family.

It might sometimes make you feel how on earth could we decide in choosing our parents before coming to this earth. Some of the references made in this book might further help us to find answers to some of the questions like, do we as souls choose to enter the fetus? When do we choose to enter? When does life form in the womb?

Do the souls in the spiritual world really prefer to come back to this earth? The answer “No” seemed to be consistent in all the books I have read.  But why then they ‘choose’ to come? The books say  it is all for spiritual growth.

This book will also make you to ponder whether a handicap person is born of his own choice for his or her own spiritual growth, along with the parents they are born to. This might also answer the questions sometimes we have been asking why the creator allows handicap children to be born.

As I have said in my introduction in choosing to read books and that if you are especially sceptical on reincarnation, do not read it as your first choice .

Consist of nine Chapters:-

  1. Family Return
  2. A Child Reborn
  3. Reincarnation and Biology
  4. Chicago, USA
  5. Mother Switching
  6. Choosing A Life
  7. U-turn in the Womb
  8. Announcing Dreams
  9. A Second Chance
  10. Soul Weaving

Publishing Information

Author Carol Bowman
ISBN 1 0-06-103044-9
Publisher Harper Torch
Publication Date 2001
Total Pages 267