Does the soul really know……

One of the latest book written by George Anderson with regard to after life is “Ask George Anderson”. In this book he replies to some of the most commonly asked questions asked by those who were seeking to know more about after life on the earth. Below on of the question and his reply.

Do the souls really know how much we love and miss them?  – Robin

In  more than forty years of working with the souls, the one thing I know for certain is that no matter what becomes of us on the earth, love is the most powerful and enduring of the emotions. Love has the power to extinguish hate, jealousy and fear, and lives on even when the physical body dies. Love is the only thing the souls bring with them to the hereafter,  so that they can shower those they love on the earth with all the love they have collected from each of us during their time on the earth. Love is more powerful than death.

The souls know how much they mean to us, and that they were loved beyond their limited understanding when they were on the earth. Now, in a world of total clarity, they can see straight into our hearts and understand, perhaps for the  first time, the depth of love we feel for those we cherish. The souls don’t feel the same pain of separation as we do, because they are able to be with us during those dark moments when we think we are all alone, and they have the ability to comfort our hearts, in order to help us find our hope and a reason to continue on in our journey here. But the souls also understand that part of our spiritual lesson on the earth is to endure the pain of a loved one’s passing, and they cannot take that pain away from us, for fear of taking away a large part of the reason why we are still here – to learn to love again and continue to find hope and peace while we suffer, the loss of a loved one. The souls want so much for us to complete the lessons that are to be among our greatest struggles  here, so that we may enter the hereafter when our work on the earth is done, and join the in a world of joy.

To the souls, it is only in the blink of an eye that they will see us again, but to us, it is day after day of working to earn the same love, joy, and peace that the souls now find in their new world. In the meantime, the souls have never left our side; they continue to walk with us, share our joy and pain, and continue helping us to help ourselves until we see them again. This is how powerful their love for us is: they spend the rest of our lives caring for us in ways we may never completely realize until we see them again and understand from their unique perspective. But no matter what time or distance separates us from those we love, we hold a piece of them in our hearts, and we hold an invisible thread that connects us to their love and hope. This is something the souls have promised each and every one of their loved ones on the earth-that they will never abandon us, because their love for us is as steadfast and enduring as the Infinite light itself. One fine day we will be able to see our loved ones again and return the love they gave us so freely as they helped us navigate the rest of our existence here. The souls’ love for us is like a beacon that will lead us right back to them when our work on the earth is done.  

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