Healing Grief – Reclaiming Life After Any Loss

Sometimes we need to find our own source in to manage our grief. If you ardent reader then there are many good books which help you to understand our life better and at the same time  ti could help you to cope up with the pain. Books in a way and until today are my companion.  

One of the books  which might be of help is ‘Healing Grief -Reclaiming Life After Any Loss’, published in 2001. The author of the book is James Van Praagh who is well known medium.

James Van Praagh, as a medium  has been linking the communication between the loved ones  living on earth and the ones living in the spiritual realm. It is claimed that he has helped to change millions of lives who have lost their loved ones. Although not everyone would have met him personally for a reading, his books along with the books written by many others have definitely helped many people around the world.

In this book James shares many insightful spiritual messages from the loved ones on the other side, along with his own personal accounts. He assists us to be aware that everything which happens to us is for the evolvement of our soul,  along its  journey.

James also introduces some therapeutic remedies by giving healing guidelines not only for those who have lost  their loved ones,  but also for those who have ended up with divorce, loss of pets as well as other types of losses.

In the last chapter, he has 38  interesting questions and answers session. It could  be useful for us to understand what could be  the life on the other side. He also says that  the only ‘religion’ on the other side is  love. I believe as love exists in every religion it will continue to do so more meaningfully on the other side.

He concluded the book by saying that this book will not bring about a quick fix to your on-going grief but it could  bring comfort and assist one in resolving some of the various questions or conditions of one’s daily life. He says how we react to a particular situation is important which could either hinder or assist us to handle the situation.

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