Kyle’s birthday Wishes….

Different people have different experiences when their loved ones from the other side show signs, indicating they are around us. Sometimes it seems it is unbelievable but as for those who had similar experiences or for those the experiences may depict  some indepth meaning, known only to them, are convinced that there is no such things called death.

In the book “Quit Kissing My Ashes”Judy Coller, the mother whose son Kyle  from  the other side gave her many signs, convincing her enough, to show her  he is around her. Below is an extract of an experience she had.

Kyle’s presence was unmistakable another day, on October 12th, the day before my first birthday without Kyle. I was not looking forward to the next day when I would become fifty-five years old. It was one of those days that everyone said I  would dread, one of those days we are to “celebrate”. Like most things in Life, it’s the anticipation of the event that is so highly profiled. It’s not the day itself, which is usually a let down.

It was around 5.30 in the morning. I was in the bathroom, the one he used it exclusively when was at home. I was putting some make-up on in order to go to few garage sales.

I didn’t really feel like going, but I was getting ready anyhow. I felt emotional when all of a sudden, the eight lights on the mirror began going off and on. It wasn’t just a flicker. They went completely off and the turned on again, as if someone were actually turning the switch off and on.  This kept on and on. I yelled to Jim (her husband) who was in the kitchen reading the paper. I told him to hurry.

As Jim slowly walked down the dark hallway, he could see the lights going off and on. When he walked into the bathroom, he flipped the switch.

I asked, “Why did you do that?”

“I don’t want Kyle to burn down the house,”he said.
Kyle might have been doing fifty-five times for my birthday. It actually lasted that many times.

When I got home from looking for bargains, there was a message on my answering machine. Jim wanted me to call him at work as soon as I got the message. When  I called him,  he told me when got  out of his shower and began drying off, the eight lights above his mirror began dong the same thing, going off and on.

You have to understand these two bathrooms are in circuit  and none of the light bulbs were bad. They all were still working over  a year later. It had been four years since were remodelled and installed these lights, and it had never happened before. Believe it or not, Kyle’s blinking the lights to let me know he was celebrating with me was the best birthday present I ever received.

(There are other incidences and experiences Judy Collier and her family has experienced. You have to read the book to know and understand these signs. Only those who have separated physically from someone they dearly love will believe in such experiences and of course I am one of them).

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