Our loved ones from the other side

We hear people saying that our loved ones who have parted us continue to keep in touch with us, all the time. It is we who are not seem to be aware. However, sometimes they might show us in strange ways that might  make sense of their presence. Recently I read  a book ‘Do Dead People Watch You Shower’ written by Concetta Bertoldi, a full-time famous medium  and who consults regularly with members of Britain’s  royal family, American celebrities, politicians and others.

Do not feel odd by just looking at the title of the book. The title just refers to one of the questions of more  than 100 questions in this book. I found this book to be useful as I see that she is honest about what she  knows and what she does not know.  In this book she has stated that there could not be coincidences if some strange things happen, after someone in our family  crosses over to the other side. She believes that our loved ones assist us in some ways which also become the validation of their existence. Below is one of the questions which she has highlighted and related it to an experience (in own words) she had with one of her clients.

Is there another word that you prefer to coincidence? 

Well, rather than “coincidences.’ I think of them as validations because they validate the near-perfection of the Other Side. I’ve heard so many stories of things coming together in ways that seem really impossible with our limited way of understanding.

 I did a reading for a woman and the person who came through was her sister. Her sister was showing me a ring and she was say 19 to tell my client, “with all my love,” which is something that happens frequently’ –  I’ll be shown an object that has meaning between the client and the individual who has passed on and is communicating from the Other Side. My client acknowledged that she knew what the ring meant and I continued with the reading.  I didn’t stop and ask her what the ring meant – l didn’t want to know. I try not to let people tell me things while I’m doing the reading because I don’t want to lose the thread of what is going on with the communication, and I also don’t want information that may color what I’m hearing from the Other Side. So I only asked her, “Do you know what ring she is talking about?” and my client said, yes, she did.

 Afterward, though, she said to me, “Concetta, I want to tell you a story

When her sister died, my client had wanted to have some keepsake of hers and what she chose was a ring that her sister had worn. The ring was not very valuable, but it was precious to her because of its significance, so she didn’t want to wear it and possibly lose it. She kept it in a jewelry box. One day, she’s looking in the box and notices that the ring isn’t there. She gets very upset, doesn’t know where the ring could have gone. She mentions to her family that the ring is missing, and her teenage daughter sadly confesses that she took the ring. Unfortunately, she wore it when she went out with friends and somewhere along the way she lost it. She had no idea where – they’d been to the movies, the mall, McDonald’s. It could have been lost anywhere, and frankly, losing it in any of those places, they knew they’ cl never see the ring again.

 A year and a half goes by. One day my client’s son comes home from seeing a movie with his friends. He says, Mom, look what I found.” He shows her a ring. It’s her sister’s ring: She said, “Where on earth did you find it’ He said, “I bought some popcorn, and when I got to the bottom of the bag, there it was. What an amazing thing! Some would say, ’What a coincidence.”

 Now, as I’ve said, in my worldview there is no such thing as a coincidence. You can say whatever you want about how the ring got into the popcorn. You can make up a whole logical story: The daughter loses the ring in the theatre. Maybe somebody has the job of cleaning up and he finds the ring. He thinks, Oh, it’s a girl’s ring. I’ll just give it to so-and-so,” a co-worker. So maybe this girl now wears the ring and one night she’s working the popcorn machine and as she scoops out popcorn, the ring falls into the bag without her noticing it. The customer who bought the –popcorn finds the ring. It just happens to be the son of the woman to whom the ring belonged.

 it could happen that way I sure, But I don’t think you could even calculate the odds of the customer buying the popcorn and finding the ring being the brother of the girl who lost the ring a year and a half earlier. In my world, the only possible way this could happen is with some help from the one to whom this outcome is most important – my client’s sister on the Other Side.

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