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Our beloved Prashanth

This blog was launched on the 7th of August 2012, a year after our beloved  Prashanth moved on to the next realm. His physical absence took a heavy toll on some of our lives.

My wife and I were gifted with two lovely sons,  Prashanth and Vinod. Prashanth is our elder son. It was my assumption that everything will turn out fine with all the dreams and plans enhancing over a period of time. Of course what we belief and plan may sometimes remain as a permanent dream. A sensible and achievable dream never became a reality.

Success is related to happiness and it is a journey and not a destination but the barometer of my   happiness which was elevating gradually and constantly over the years suddenly stopped and then it was downhill all the way. I know now that nothing can bring back the happiness we ever had. It is a new painful and  challenging life all together; an unexpected drastic change.  It has been a painful path and I have been like a pendulum swinging left to right with “grief and sometimes with a little relief”.  This will continue until my earthly life clock stops. However, while going through this phase I am beginning to realise that although pain is inevitable sufferings are manageable. Managing the sufferings is the only option left and probably this is one of our challenging earthly lessons which we were prepared to handle before visiting this earth.

It is now going to be three years since my son moved back to his original home. My wife and I have been since managing our lives. Our life clocks will also stop when the battery cannot be re-charged. Until then my wife and I will continue to do things in the memory of our son whilst taking care of the other souls who need us. Anyway, it is our belief that we will meet up again in our permanent home and probably even laughing at one another about the game we supposedly play during our earthly life.

To me and my wife, our son Prashanth is only absent physically. We came to understand that our energy cannot be created nor destroyed. We only change in our appearance. In other words we are actually not ‘born’ and we don’t ‘die’. We could have been living in different form, although I too do not know how, why and when it all began. It is not a mystery. We just don’t know. It looks like we don’t perish but just ‘hide’ from one another physically. It is like the same hide and seek game we were playing when we were young. Probably we were playing this game without realising that it was the real game of our life.

What gave us some strength is that Prashanth has sent enough messages to convince us that he  is always around with us. Without any doubt he is my Guru, for my soul’s growth.  I am thinking of him more than anything, every day.  I know while he is growing spiritually on the other side he is assisting me to grow while I am here. My wife feels the same.  Many dreams and incidents validated it, for both of us. It might be difficult to convince others but I am absolutely sure that many of those who are going through similar grief would have had many experiences which can  be meaningful only to them.

I am also  beginning to understand clearly  that although  we are linked to  one another, as an individual soul and while ‘trapped’ in this physical body,  we have to learn and do what we should do for our individual soul’s growth. At the same time, extend any kind of assistance to others, especially for those who need help.

I realised that how I  handle each situation in this physical life will make the difference in the remaining part of my life.  If it is true that we had lived many lives before then definitely each life time we would have had different experiences. Living in this earthly life  facing different challenges are  inevitable if  we decided to come  here. Each of us come and go at different time. First in-first out does not apply in our lives here. It looks like  when we decide to come here we have decided to go through one of the exit doors available without exactly knowing through which door we will exit, the nearest or the furthest. No one knows the time  when we exit since there is actually no ‘time’. It is only an imagination.  What I began to understand is that while the soul grows the body wears off. The soul is immortal and the body is mortal.

Although I was almost at the lowest end of the barometer I am beginning to  move upwards now. While struggling I keep climbing. Of course I am missing the steps sometimes but manage to avoid from slipping down further by holding on with my son’s help and those close people who are with me. Talking to my son as well as talking about my son are two things I do daily which makes me feel he is around. I am using his energy to sustain my energy.  At the same time, fortunately there are so many good understanding souls around me when come to listening.

I also realise that there are millions of people who go through pain and grief daily. Some can be much worse than what I have been going through although we cannot measure and compare. But the truth is that I am not alone. Each time I read a tragedy I recall my own experience and I just feel for the person. I know  that  a new unbearable pain has started for this person. I only know but I will not understand what this person would be going through.  I just wish that someone is around this person.

We should assist especially those in the early stage of grieving. I am talking through experience. It is devastating.  Thus, it can be very helpful to many by being with them. The misconception is that those who grieve prefer to be left alone.  Another common thing I have heard is ‘we don’t know what to say’. We fail to realise that the sufferings can be more intense to the griever hearing this. I personally feel that many of us failed to realise that what most grievers, if not all, want is listeners and not advisers.  In other words it becomes so simple to anyone who cares just to listen. Sharing is caring.  By just listening you become a healer for someone. I was fortunate to have a few good healers. They are my caring souls sent by my son.  Thus, each grieving person should be able to have a few caring souls around them.  Only those near to them and know them well could be of help to handle their grief.

Thus, my main purpose of this blog is to keep my son living with us and at the same time learning and sharing with everyone. I will be linking relevant blogs and websites which I believe would bring about benefits not only to those who are going through like us but also for others who  wish to seek knowledge and share  their understanding and experiences.  There are many great websites and blogs one can visit which are of great help for those who need help and to those who want to understand  of who we are and the purpose of our life here. I wish I can have all these linked through this blog.

I just wish that this blog can bring some form of a link or a channel to those who need assistance  which could help them in their spiritual growth. At the same time anyone who would like to share your experience or wish to contribute articles please do so. After vetting and if necessary after editing with your concern it will be posted in the blog.

Bala– Prashanth’s dad
Up-dated – 23rd July 2014

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