Reading books can ease your pain

120605-86896_p1Although we know every one of us have to part this earth one day, we just cannot accept when an unexpected tragedy strikes us, especially when a young person’s life is taken away. We then desperately try to find out whether our loved one is all right on the other side. Although some can be convinced that their loved one will be fine, there will be some like me and my wife who start searching desperately for some answers and evidence on after-life.

I was sitting down miserably doing nothing in the first two weeks of parting my son, Prashanth. My mind was frantically in search of some truth whether we live on and whether any kind of communication exist between the loved ones in the spiritual realm and earthly realm.  It is then my daughter in law, Tasha told me to read the book Biocentrism, which she said that Prashanth believes in. I then immediately requested her to have the book ordered. After reading it I realised that it cannot be a coincidence to pick up this book. It was from this book I learned something about consciousness and the energy in us. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. What happens to the energy then when we leave this earth? Although I must admit I could not understand some part of the book as it is to do with science, it was still my first anti-depressant. Thus, this first book authored by Robert Lanza triggered me to read books on our life on earth and beyond. Eventually I searched for books in Amazon com and only then, for the first time, I realised there were hundreds of books available on the subject related to Life-after-Life phenomena. I have read a number of books. Some of these books do have overlapping messages, some even  are contradicting to some extent and some which needed a little longer time to digest. However, I realised there is a wealth of information to tap on, which is relevant for us to know. You will be able to get some answers, if you have any pertinent questions like:-

  • What happens when we part this earthly life?
  • Is Life Eternal?
  • Is there any truth in our loved one communicating from the other side?
  • Is reincarnation true?
  • What is Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • What is Death Bed Experience?
  • What can dreams tell you?
  • Can mediums help us to communicate with our loved ones on the other side?
  • What evidence has been gathered to convince that we keep on living?
  • Is life in the spiritual world  better than here?

Of course, as usual some will say that these books are written with a certain agenda.  But the fact remains that, from the positive point of view, we would not be what we are today, if not of writings. In fact some of these prominent people have taken the risk of writing these books in spite of  being ridiculed. But by reading, we could be able to analyse the various inconsistent & contradicting messages which are passed from mouth to mouth and which sometimes bring us to the edge of a cliff, when seeking for some answers. Thus, reading of these books might be of great help to those who wish to learn about after-life.  Moreover, when we leave this earth and if life after life is to be true, what we will take along with us will  be just the knowledge as it will be stored in the ‘mind’ and not in the brain.

Some of the phenomena stated in the books could be true, however if someone relate it to the religious point of view, it might not be acceptable to another group of different religious belief. This is natural. So when we read these books we must just keep our religious belief aside and pick up the points we need while discarding the rest of which does not fit into our belief. Anyway belief should be in line with facts and truths. Therefore the recommended books are not meant to propagate any religious beliefs. It is your own discretion to read. My sole intention  is to show the gate to seek knowledge, to people  who want answers but may not be aware where to find. I am one of them still learning while getting some assuring glimpses.

Most of these books are only available from Amazon com and probably you can order from the local established distributors.  This can be a dry subject to people who have a smooth flow of life. It will not be of any interest to them. Thus local book distributors may not carry those titles indicated in the ‘book menu’.

One other way to purchase or read a book is to take a look at the popularity rating in general and not just confine to one particular group with certain belief. If you can have some background knowledge of the author, it can be useful too. At the end of the day the discretion is still yours in selecting the material and the free will to make your conclusion about the book. Sometimes one reviewer might outright condemn a book and another might give it five stars – two extremes. It again depends on the individuals of what they were seeking for and how they evaluate the book.   It is my belief that if you read many of these books you will have a better picture of the overall area of the subject you are focusing on. It will then enable you to place the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzles together and come out with something more meaningful to you. The picture might be still blur but then it is still better than to hold on to one or two pieces of the puzzle and trying to create a picture which will remain incomplete forever.

Note: I am only highlighting those books which I have read, many of which are also read by my wife. I have also discarded books which I feel might not serve the purpose. I might sound bias here but then I am fair in not naming those books as some readers might still give it high ratings.

The brief comments on these books are of my own and in some cases, both my wife and me. Anyway as these are our personal views please check with other reviews, some of which you can also retrieve from Amazon Com.  You should study the material and come to your own conclusion. Our opinion may differ  from yours.   However, I have only selected books which in my opinion may interest many readers, especially those who are interested to gain more knowledge in this field. At the same time I must totally admit that there are many more good books which I am not aware of and have not read. I will include more books from time to time as I read on.


I have categorised the books under different headings. This can be of help to you to choose what you are looking for. I will keep adding on the titles as I keep on reading the books. Anyway you can even  just surf Amazon com for what you are looking for.

Sometimes when someone talks on a subject we scoff it off. One of the reasons being we might not have the basic knowledge on that subject. It is like mathematics. We need to know the basic before attending the complex one otherwise we will not be able to understand or find an answer. Thus as afterlife can be debatable and complex issue it is better to go into this subject in a sequence of your choice.

From my own experience  if you a person who believe in after-life, reincarnation and karma then you might start reading any books in any order. However if you a person who have a very little idea on life after life, like me and my wife had,  I suggest you start on a book like Biocentrism where it touches on energy and consciousness.  Although the whole book might be  a little heavy for some people, as experienced by me,  I believe it can be still useful to pick it up, to understand a little on what is science trying to say. Then maybe, you can start reading on books in this order:-

  1. Near Death Experience (NDE)
  2. Death Bed Visions
  3. After Earthly Life Communication (After Death Communication)
  4. Books on  famous Mediums – Readings
  5. Reincarnation
  6. Past Life Regression
  7. Life Between Life (Spiritual Realm)

Personally I feel that past life regression should not be read first although it is very useful for us to understand, especially if we are new in talking about after-Life. If you don’t believe in reincarnation then you might reserve it until you able to acquire some good understanding on re-incarnation or you are at least in the position to believe in re-incarnation.  As for Life-Between-Life it is to do with the spiritual dimension. We all believe in it but at the same time very vague about it.  The book “Journey of the Soul” written by Dr Michael Newton can be of good help, if you read with an open mind. Probably you should read this after reading books on past life regression written by Dr Brian Weiss. Alternatively you can visit their respective websites, to have some insight before reading these books.

Finally, take note that we are not selling these books or associated with anyone who is promoting these books. As said in the homepage of this website, the purpose is mainly to assist those who are grieving like us and as well as those who might be curious to know more about After-Life.



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