Useful Links Intro

Believe some of these Links could be helpful to those who are grieving and those who wish to seek more knowledge.  Please understand that our purpose is just to  provide some available resources. Thus, just seek from those which could meet your needs.

Websites of mediums, who are popular are also included. These mediums  are known in connecting the grievers with their  loved ones who are on the other side. As you might be aware there are those who believe and there are those who do not. One of the reasons being that there are always some who might have gone through some bad experiences  in seeking the help of the medium.  But here we are only including  mediums whose readings have been validated by many and they have also appeared in TV shows.  As for  us we have read some of the books written by these mediums and got some information through their websites. Of course not everyone of us can afford to go and see these mediums but we can still get some relevant information through their blogs.

We will continue to add on if we come across anything interesting. In case if you come across any links which you feel might be of interest, do let us know.


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