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Prashanth came to visit this earth on the 27th of May 1983. His goal was to be a paediatrician. After finishing his housemanship he immediately got posted to a hospital where he could continue his programme to achieve his objective. But all of a sudden he has to return to his eternal home, on the 7th of August 2011, at the age of 28. To mark his 1st  Anniversary back in his spiritual realm we have decided to launch this website on this date, 7th of August 2012.

During the last one year my family members and I have been grieving, travelling not only through the  darkest tunnel on earth but a very narrow one, tripping over and over and bleeding along the way. From another perspective, some of us have taken a new birth, inevitably, to face a new surrounding, thus struggling and camouflaging in this unexpected traumatising environment. Finally, we have compromised accepting the grief but  still not his physical absence. 

While pondering the mystery of our life here, the consolation for my family now is that, we are receiving glimpses of Prashanth progressing  spiritually  in his eternal home and at the same time guiding us with light, into the right path, to carry out our earthly commitment.

We also know that there are many people going through similar grief and  that they might be getting too little help or might not even know where and how to seek one. Their overwhelming depression can lead to many more problems and sometimes too late to be resecued by anyone.

Sometimes even grievers could  help other grievers as they might have something in common to share in handling grief.

Thus, we are setting up this website not only in the memory of our treasured gift but also to share with and assist those who are grieving like us and to link the various available grief support resources so that they are not stranded for too long. 

Prashanth and Natasha

Prashanth and NatashaIn the year 2005 Prashanth met Natasha, whom we fondly call Tasha, when Prashanth was pursuing his Medical degree. She was pursuing her degree in software engineering. She was to do a final year project related to medical field. She then met Prashanth through his lecturer to assist in the project. After 6 years of knowing each other, they got registered in December 2010.

She waited patiently for him to complete his housmanship so that he can tie the knot. Their customary wedding was supposed to have taken place on the 27th of November 2011.

Prashanth Our Treasure

Prashanth and familyWhile we were submerged in the passion of bliss, the sudden tide of grief has forcefully taken over, reiterating that, past is past and that happiness is your past, in the remaining part of our earthly life. Thus, while we are struggling with our adored missing link, the rest of us are clinging together with memories of his love.

Help those who Grieve

Inevitable tragedies bound to happen, and it can come to anyone at anytime and sometimes without any sign. We also cannot stop anyone from grieving, especially when they have to part with their loved ones. No one can substitue anything, the grieving person is yearning for. Although we might be lost with words, we can still be there, extending our shoulder for the grieving person to lean on, which is all he or she needs.

……But sad to say, till to this day many of us still say “I don’t know what to say” and so …..we keep away.


We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist and forever will recreate each other.

– by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

If you are grieving ‘losing’ someone….

When someone close to you passes on, especially if it is sudden, you will be devastated and will feel paralysed. Although many around you would be sympathsing with you, very few might even know what you are going through, yet more often than not you will hear the sound of the pathetic words, ‘I understand’.

The grief which invades you is within you, which cannot be seen as it is invisible or neither can be measured as there is no available gadget and even if there is one, it will be of no use, anyway. You cannot negotiate with it, ignore it, push it off, bury it or fight with this rebellious uncompromising ‘enemy’ dwelling in you. You will not be able to accept the ‘loss’ of your loved one but you will give in to accept the grief that tag along with it. You will keep on grieving, sometimes even with some severe intermittent pain and with no sign of time in sight, for the grief to start subsiding gradually. In some cases, if not many, the grief will go on until it demises naturally with you at the end of your earthly life.

But while grieving you should not let yourself to be succumbed to self destruction or be seen as a burden to anyone. You have to be a self-therapist, as you might be getting very little help, as paradoxically and regretfully it is sad to note that most of us have yet to learn how to console those who are grieving. But do not let the grief take total control of you or your time. Instead you should eventually take in-charge of your grief – while going through it, and that is the only option you have.

Your existing plans and goals could have come to a sudden halt but now you have to use your grief as your ‘new resource’, to start your new plans and goals, for your new direction in life and which could also fulfill part of the earthly goal(s) of your loved ones, who are now in the spiritual realm. You have to Remember, we are all individual souls who come to this earth at different time and go back to our home at different time. While here, we have to accomplish our individual assignments until the time we join the loved ones, on the other side.

It is my fervent wish that to seek solace and peace this website could pave the way for you, to share your grief with those who are grieving like me and my family and link to resources which could be of help to you to go through this brief temporary earthly life cycle, whilst fulfilling the wishes of your loved ones, who are in the spiritual home, watching over you.
Bala (Prashanth’s dad)

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”

– Kenji Mayazawa (1841-1919)

Manage Your Grief

120702-39224_p1Do not be alone. Keep sharing your grief all the time. Although it is not easy to share everything of what you are going through with everyone, and that not everyone will be  able to sit with you offering their ears to your repeated cries of your missing loved one, you can still find a few from time to time, who will be helpful and care for you. At times you might even find new acquaintances who listen to share what you are going through.  Listeners play a great part as healers. 120605-86896_p1Books are one of the best tools. In fact, as long as you can read they can be your everlasting  memorable companions, to give you a daily dose of strength. There are various books to assist you  especially when you are in the dark facing a sudden ‘loss’ of someone you love. You will be able to find some answers you might be seeking. In addition, you can also seek some assitance through the grief support  websites/blogs. 120705-52433_p1The trauma you will be going through can aggravate if you stay idle and just brood over the ‘loss’ of your loved one. Keep yourself pre-occupied doing something physically, while grieving. Simple exercises will help your mind. Even attending to some house hold chores can be of benefit. For a start walking or even strolling will make you feel better.


This website is set up by the family in the memory of  our Prashanth.  

Administrator: Bala (Prashanth’s Dad)


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